Meet us

the self-proclaimed wellness amateurs:
Subby, Simona & Agata

“We’re Womxn who aren’t perfect, in fact, we’re very anti-perfect. Our lives aren’t always balanced - we’re trying to figure it out ourselves. How to strike balance, how to enjoy the moment and how to hack it all.

What we are, is curious, about everything and it’s led us to build this platform. Knowing only 16% of women occupy board positions, female earnings on average are 15% less per hour than men, only 22% are taking time for wellness routines and 35% know nothing about investment. All stemming from a lack of understanding, with the overwhelming amount of information online - it’s a minefield to navigate.

So here we are, finding amazing practitioners, teachers and experts around the world to help us learn, making it available to everyone on the way.”

Subby, Agata & Sim x

What we are

We’re an e-learning platform, built to empower Womxn, covering four pillars: wellness, relationships, finance and career.

Offering live classes, online courses and a community of incredible females that are ready to better their understanding and themselves.

Why Impossible

We are all inspirational women of the modern world. We are groundbreaking designers, mothers, space explorers, pilots, political activists and feminists, artists, leaders.

Where fashion, trends and politics can alter with a hashtag as quickly as a heartbeat, meaning finding timeless inspiration can sometimes seem like an "impossible" task and it should not be. There is something we have all in common - We are all warriors with "impossible" achievements and continue to inspire each other in our own modern lives.

Why X?

The Womxn is the alternative spelling of ‘Woman’, and has been used since the 70s to reclaim Womanhood, as more inclusive and intersectional. Often people use it to disassociate with the patriarchal word within it ‘man’ and ‘men’ too.

We’re embracing the word, as something we call ourselves. It’s not to be performatively inclusive or exclude anyone. We like X’s in words (it’s not used enough) and it inspires the idea of the ‘unknown’.

It’s not the perfect word and we understand it can cause controversy -  some people hate the term but we also believe words are powered by the meaning we assign to them, and our intention is to empower.

We’re not labelling anyone. We’re always open to learning and a dialogue around the term so please always reach out to talk to us if you have an opinion on the term.