Tap it the f*ck out!

This is your first EFT taster session led by the gorgeous Rose Bonham-Carter.

It’s a short version (15mins) to give you a taste of what it’s like, how it works and so you can rewatch it whenever it works for you. 


EFT practitioner, energy worker & sexologist

Learning sacred sexuality at temple arts schools in India, Costa Rica and Iceland, (more sexy details on that soon). Her works focus on the relationship between sexuality, spirituality, and self-sovereignty.

Holding a non-judgemental and grounded space for clients whilst guiding them into the mysteries of their subconscious for deep empowered and transformational healing is what she does best.

We sought her out to help us with something we’re all dealing with - stress and we're excited to present EFT tapping in this format.

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