Terms of Service

1. General

These terms apply to all purchases made on the website http://impossiblewomxn.com.

and will always be available from here.

All agreements regarding purchases made on the website are entered into with:

Impossible Woman’s Club UG

Leopoldstrasse 31

80802 Munich, Germany

2. Introduction to our services

A membership of Impossible Woman’s Club UG will grant the customer access to an online universe of knowledge, inspiration, webinars across four core pillars: Wellness, Relationships, Finance and Career. Impossible Woman’s Club UG assumes no responsibility for the customer’s/user’s use of the information on the website/platform. 

When setting up a membership the customer creates a user account and, in this connection, ensure that the information is correct at the time of registration. The customer’s log-in information is personal and must not be used by others unless otherwise agreed. The customer shall keep login information secured so that others may not get unauthorized access to the information. The customer is responsible for all use of his or her own user account.

3. Entering agreement

The agreement between the customer and Impossible Woman’s Club is entered when the customer’s order has been received on Impossible Woman’s Club server.

When the customer’s order is received, we will send an order confirmation as soon as possible by email with the customer’s order number, name, address, payment method and delivery address, if any together with a list of the services ordered. 

4. Payment and termination

All prices are inclusive of VAT. Please note that we charge in EUR. The applicable price is the price listed next to the service on the website at the time of the order. 

Impossible Woman’s Club reserves the right to change prices on the website which have been erroneously specified. 

On the website the following payment methods may be used: Visa and Mastercard. All information provided in connection with the payment transaction is protected by encryption.

The membership at Impossible Woman’s Club UG may be terminated at the end of a payment period of one month from the latest payment. To terminate the agreement, the customer must contact Impossible Woman’s Club UG at hello@impossiblewomxn.com 

5. Intellectual property

All rights to products, articles, courses, events, etc. shall belong to Impossible Woman’s Club UG.

In general, it is not allowed to copy of published content (e.g.articles and masterclasses) from Impossible Woman’s Club UG, unless this is in accordance with Impossible Woman’s Club UG instructions or with our consent. 

Commercial use of our trademark (name, logo etc.) shall not be allowed. 

6. Liability

Impossible Woman’s Club does not assume liability for the customer’s/user’s use of the information available on the website/platform. 

7. Personal data

The information provided by the customer in connection with placing an order or subscribing to membership will be registered by Impossible Woman’s Club UG who shall be data controller for the information.

When you sign up for a membership of Impossible Woman’s Club UG, we process the personal information necessary for us to administer and fulfil the agreement with you. For this, we process information such as name, address, email address, telephone number and date of birth as well as payment information. 

In connection with the regular operation of our website, we collect personal data about you via cookies to improve the website’s appearance and user experience, as well as to compile statistics. We only collect your personal data if you have given your consent hereto. You can withdraw your consent at any time.

8. Cookies

A cookie is a passive data file stored by a website on, for example, your computer or other IT equipment, which makes it possible to recognize your IT equipment the next time you visit our site. At the same time, the cookie file records – in anonymized form – how you use the website and does not leave data on who you are – neither name, address, nor other identifiable information. Cookies cannot spread viruses or other malicious programs.

On impossiblewomxn.com we use cookies in connection with the normal operation of the website, for compiling statistics in order to improve the website’s appearance and user experience and for marketing.

When you use our website for the first time, you will be greeted with a message about our use of cookies. You can freely choose to accept the use of cookies by clicking “OK” or you may choose to not accept them by not clicking “OK” or by clicking “No thank you “. If you choose to not accept the use of cookies, we will not place cookies on your equipment, except those that are necessary for the website to function properly and to remember your choice. Please note, however, that there may be some features on our site that do not work optimally if you have not accepted cookies.

9. Our contact information

The company responsible for processing your personal data is:

Impossible Woman’s Club UG

Leopoldstrasse 31

80802 Munich, Germany

If you have any questions regarding our processing of your personal data, please feel free to contact us at hello@impossiblewomxn.com

10. Revision

We reserve the right to revise and modify these privacy policy guidelines on the processing of personal data. In case of significant changes, we will contact you via email or via a visible notification on our website.

These Terms and Conditions were last revised on 04 October 2021